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Fan Photos for Fantastic Prizes

Fan Photos for Fantastic Prizes

We love to see smiles here at Wholesale Girls. Did your recent purchase from us turn out to be a hit? How cute is your baby in her new headband or dress or anything else you’ve received from us?  We’re willing to bet she is adorable. We want to see too though! Bet you can’t […]

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Crazy Cats and Their Catnip – 35% OFF

With a fish shaped toy, filled with you felines favorite flavor, your cat will go nuts! She will do her best to kill this fish to get to the goodies inside.  The fish isn’t dead until she says it is! Treat your

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Doggie Flower Power Bandanas

Flower Power Pet Bandanas For the dog in your life that was a hippie in his former life, treat him to a new stylish bandana that he’ll be proud to wear. Pet Accessory Wholesale Source is offering our Flower Power

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Say Thank You To Service Dogs

Service dogs deserve our respect. They work hard every day for their owners in ways we probably don’t even realize. A companion’s dog has great loyalty.  There are several types of service dogs and companies are training service dogs for

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Daily Deal: Black Velvet Rhinestone Pet Bow Tie Collar

Today ONLY get the classy Black Velvet Rhinestone Pet Bow Tie Collar for under 1 bark…uh, buck. Your pooch is pampered and well taken care of.  Bring more attention to her shiny coat with a jeweled center bow tie.  The soft velvet next

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5 Gadget Gifts For Geeky Pet Owners

Does your dog love Star Wars as much as you do? Are you and your pooch attending Comic Con this year? If you know someone who named their dog “Google” or “Dot-Com”, I’ve got the ultimate list for gadget gifts

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Your Dog Really Does Love You

Not that we needed to be told this.  We love our dogs and they love us. It’s not just about getting fed and watered, as it has been argued. Scientists at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, discovered that the part of

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Best Dog Breeds For Families

So you are thinking it’s time to add a dog to your young family? You want to make sure you are considering all aspects of a breed, how much space and exercise it will need and how it will tolerate

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How to Toilet Train Your Cat

The first time I heard people that own cats can “potty train” them, I was part suspicious and part in stitches from laughing so hard at the thought of it!  I’m not a big cat person, but that’s just because

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