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Crazy Cats and Their Catnip – 35% OFF

With a fish shaped toy, filled with you felines favorite flavor, your cat will go nuts! She will do her best to kill this fish to get to the goodies inside.  The fish isn’t dead until she says it is! Treat your

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5 Gadget Gifts For Geeky Pet Owners

Does your dog love Star Wars as much as you do? Are you and your pooch attending Comic Con this year? If you know someone who named their dog “Google” or “Dot-Com”, I’ve got the ultimate list for gadget gifts

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How to Toilet Train Your Cat

The first time I heard people that own cats can “potty train” them, I was part suspicious and part in stitches from laughing so hard at the thought of it!  I’m not a big cat person, but that’s just because

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