Dear Owner

June 30, 2014
Kay Boutique

dear-owner-pet-accessory-wholesale-store-puppy-eyesSo here’s the thing Mom and Dad. I’m feeling a bit insecure these days. When we go to the dog park, which by the way I’m always up for, the other dogs act like they’re sooo cool with those bows in their hair. I’m calling doggie-droppings on their claim that the pearls in the center are real, but regardless they strut it around like they caught the oyster themselves.

The thing about the bows in the hair isn’t that I’m shooting for a specific style, but that it’s there.  A bow in a canine’s hair means “I was freshly groomed today, look at me.”  You think one of those fine poodle gals is going to pick the unkempt dirty dog over the clean and fresh one?! So how about this… I’ll trade you.  If you get me some of those bows and only make me actually take a bath every other time I wear it, I’ll stop putting up such a fight about the baths. Deal?

Oh, and get a variety.  Guy’s gotta have a new swagger every now and then.

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