Say Thank You To Service Dogs

July 16, 2014
Kay Boutique

service-dog-with-girlService dogs deserve our respect. They work hard every day for their owners in ways we probably don’t even realize. A companion’s dog has great loyalty.  There are several types of service dogs and companies are training service dogs for new uses all the time. There are guide dogs, hearing dogs, mobility dogs, seizure alert/response dogs, psychiatric service dogs, and autism dogs. There are also dogs that aid in emotional support and therapy. Emotional support dogs are not task trained like service dogs. In fact little training at all is required so long as the animal is reasonably well behaved by pet standards. But service dogs are trained long and hard to make sure they provide ultimate support.

Here are some companies that provide service dogs:

pet_bandana_light_blue_with_stars-680x680_4These dogs work hard for Americans. Do you know of a dog working around the clock to provide support and care for his human? Make it a point to say thank you to a service dog you know and get him or her a bright new bandana he can wear proudly. Does this service dog attend formal events?  A human in a tie should have a dog in a tie along side him.  They do everything else together, why not dress the same! PAWS, Pet Accessory Wholesale Source, carry many different colors and styles. Find the one that will make him grin floppy ear to floppy ear!

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