Top 10 Reasons You Should Dress Up Your Pet

PAWS - Adjustable Neck TiesPeople have many reasons to dress up their pet. The following 10 will help you justify your love of making your dog look as good as you. Just share it with your friends and family, and they will see it’s actually a good thing that you do.

#1: Show People the Real Deal

Your pet has a personality. Why not show the world who he or she is? Go ahead and dress her like a princess or a big bad biker one day. Everyone who sees your pet will know what to expect.

#2: Pets Deserve Clothes

How would you feel walking outside naked? Probably not very comfortable. Well, dogs are the same way. While they may not tell you that they are uncomfortable, it just makes sense to them that you are putting clothes on them just like you do to yourself.

PAWS-Bandanas#3: It’s Cold Outside

It’s winter, and it’s cold outside. Your pet isn’t immune to the cold. Dressing your pet up means you are providing warmth. Wouldn’t you appreciate it?

#4: Pets Want to Be Glam Too

You may not know this, but pets want to be the center of attention too. When you dress up your pet, he or she will get tons of looks and “aaawws,” which will be well received.

#5: It Provides a Bit of Variety in Life

Your pet wants to have fun, and getting dressed up does that. Throwing on some clothes or accessories on your pet will give him or her the spice needed to love life a little more.

#6: There’s Always Something to Play With

As most of us know, clothing can turn into chew toys quickly. A cute hat or necklace can be cute for a minute, but after that it becomes more of a toy. That’s okay! As long as your pet is happy, that’s all that matters.

#7: Celebrate the Holidays Together

Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and many other holidays can be great times to dress up your pet. You don’t have to be the only one to celebrate the day with what you wear – your pet can express his or her holiday spirit too.

PAWS-DOG-Bows#8: Share in the Team Spirt

Holidays aren’t the only times to show off some spirit – supporting sport games is another reason to dress up your pet. You can boost your pride when you have your best bud wearing your team colors or jersey.

#9: It’s Fun to Wear Matching Outfits

Matching outfits are fun, and people love seeing it. As you walk down the stress, people will be so enthralled with how cute you both look. You will be picture perfect together.

#10: Great Selfies

Speaking of picture perfect, dressing your pet means you’ll be able to take cute selfies. You can also just take photos of him or her to post on social media.

Don’t neglect your pet. Dress him or her up every day. You can find many accessories such as ties, bows, bandanas and more on PAWS to help you do that. Have fun with it. If you purchase more than $50 worth of products, we will pay for domestic shipping.

Always remember – our products are high-quality with low prices!




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February Is National Responsible Pet Owners Month

PAWS-CHickenWe love pets at PAWS! It’s why we have so many accessories for them. We believe our pets aren’t just animals that live with us, but furchildren who need us dearly.

This month is an important one. It’s National Responsible Pet Owners Month. This month is to raise awareness of how to best take care of our pets.

Since there are many ways to care for our pets, the following are some of the most important ones. Check out if you deserve to named a responsible pet owner this month.

Spay or Neuter

With so many good doggies in shelters across the country, everyone needs to do their part in overpopulation. You can do this by getting your dog spayed or neutered.

Can’t afford it? Check into your local humane society or animal services. They usually have events that provide low-cost spaying and neutering. You may even be able to get it for free if you are eligible based on your income.

Unchain Your Pet

Chaining your pet for long periods of time is dangerous. Chained animals can get tangled, which keeps them from their water. This can be a problem during the summer months. Chained animals also can’t get away from predators, or shield themselves from bad weather.

It’s okay to chain your pet for a few minutes, but longer than that, they should be on a leash by your side. If you have a fenced backyard, that is perfect for them to be outside for an hour or more. Just be sure there is water, food, and shelter.

Puppy Proof Your Home

Puppies are just like children – they get into everything. This can end up being dangerous because they can ingest something poisonous. They can also make something fall on them, which could injure them. Be sure to protect your home from your puppy or mischief dog.

Keep Vaccines Up to Date

Vaccines keep your pet healthy. While you may not need all of them, there are ones that will protect your pet from serious illnesses and diseases. Speak to your vet about the most important ones and how you can get them at a lower cost.

Keep Your Dog on a Leash

While you dog may be friendly, other dogs aren’t. This can cause a fight that could result in injuries. Keep your dog on a leash whenever you take him or her out.

All you need to do is love your pet, and keep him or her safe. By following the above criteria for a responsible pet owner, you will be taking care of your furbaby in the best way possible.

As you’re caring for him or her, why not take a look at all of the great accessories we have right now. You can see all of the pretty bows, bandanas, ties, and even toys. They won’t only make your pet happy, but they will make you smile too.

Our prices are always low, and our quality is high. If you spend $50 or more, we’ll pay for the shipping. Go ahead – see what we have for you and your pet! Click here.



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Turn Your Pup into a True Princess

You know your puppy is a princess, but now you can show her awesomeness off with our princess clips!

We love these clips because they are so unique and fun. All you have to do is put your puppy’s hair up with an elastic and then clip our tiara on it.

Right on the top of her head, she will have a crown. The crown props up on some tulle that make it look even more lavish.

About Our Dog Clips

You cannot find these dog clips in local stores. Dog clips are limited these days, which is why we decided to carry them on PAWS. We believe our dogs should be dressed up just as well as our children. These bows do that in style.

Our clips are made of high-quality material. We never believe we should skimp on quality because they are made for dogs. Actually, we need to make sure they are at the top of quality because they will be on our little puppies heads, which we know move around a lot throughout the day. These clips need to stay right where they are meant to be, on the top adorning their head.

Just because our products are high quality – it doesn’t mean they are overpriced. We also believe you shouldn’t have to pay more than our products are worth. When you shop with Little Pet Mart, you will always get the best price possible. You only pay $4.99 for our Jeweled Princess Tiara here or $5.99 for our Jeweled Princess Tiara on Pearl here.

Pink-Tiara- CrownHot-Pink-Crown-PearlHot-Pink-Crown

Looking for more?

We pay shipping when you spend over $50, so you may want to browse our page for other dog bows.

We have the largest selection of dog clips online, so you are sure to find exactly what you want on our site to make the free shipping offer. Just browse the pages, and have fun. That’s what we love about our products – it’s fun to dress our pups up and you can do it affordably with us.

How to Wear Them for the Best Look

There’s nothing like using these dog crowns as part of an outfit. You can dress your pooch up in a pink frilly dress and then use the crown on her head. It’s so cute. Try it!

Of course, when you do use the clips, you’ll want to take a ton of pictures. We would love to see them. Just send them to our email address here.

Go ahead – head over to the hair clips selection page to find the crowns and others that you can buy your pooch. You’ll love how good they look, how long they will last, and the prices.

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Adorable Bandanas for Puppies and Dogs Now Available

Pet BandanaThere’s nothing cuter than an adorable bandana on a puppy or dog. As they walk around, it hangs down on his or her chest, and you can’t help but think, “Aaaawwww….” It’s just one of those accessories meant for pooches.

It can be difficult to find bandanas, though. Not too many places sell them. Why? Well, we don’t know because we love them. If you do end up finding them somewhere in your hometown, it’s likely they will be costly because of the fact they aren’t sold in many places.

The good news is that we have THE largest, best selection of dog bandanas. We make it easy to get any style and color of bandana you want for your dog, so you can dress him or her up any day of the week.

We don’t only have the biggest selection, but we have the LOWEST prices. How can you go wrong with $1.17 for one? You really can’t, and that just means you can go ahead and purchase every single one you find adorable.

Our customers often come to us wondering what they should buy their bandanas for, especially when they would like to take advantage of our great Pink Bandanapricing. We often give them these ideas:

  • Choose a bandana for photo opps. If you’re taking your pooch for portraits, buy a couple different ones, so you’ll have more pictures to choose from.
  • Match the bandana to YOUR outfit. Isn’t it always cute when you can match his or her outfits with yours? Well, you can go the same with dog bandanas.
  • Match the bandana to your pooch’s outfits. It makes the perfect accessory.
  • Match a bandana to the bows.

Let’s stop for a moment and clear something up. Bandana are NOT just for boy doggies. They are for girl ones too. Sure, you may want to be gender specific with the colors you choose for your female bandana, but we have many to choose from. There’s no problem with buying one for your furbaby girl.

  • Choose one for the holiday. For example, we have a very cute Pet Bandana for 4th of July.

July 4th Pet Bandana

  • Buy one for the season such as our pretty pink floral one for the spring!

PInk Floral Dog Bandana

Professionals Use Our Dog Bandanas

We have dog parents buy our dog bandanas, but we also have professionals buy them too. People like vets, groomers, and dog walkers. Why? Vets love giving them away to their patients because it makes them feel special. Groomers enjoy dressing their clients up after their spa day. Dog walkers want to be able to identify each dog AND it’s nice for them to give their clients something to remember them by.

You can use our bandanas in the same way if you’re in the pet industry. With our low prices, you won’t mind buying one for all of your clients.

You can even go into business yourself with them. We don’t mind if you buy and resell them. We would love it if we can help you with it. You can even embellish them with studs, sequins, or ribbon. Be as creative as you would like to be with these!

Head over to our Dog Bandanas page. We look forward to providing you with the best bandanas for dogs online!


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Dog Neck Ties: Our Latest Addition to Our Dog Accessories Line

purple neck tie for dogsWe love our pooches! There’s nothing cuter than dressing them up. Since many of our pet owners have male doggies who aren’t thrilled to have dog bows in their hair (even though some of them do love blue dog bows), we decided to introduce something new – dog neck ties!

Yes, these dog neck ties are perfect for your male (or even female) fur baby. These accessories for dogs come with many features:

  • They come with an adjustable strap to 16 inches.
  • They are easily put on and taken off.
  • You can clean them easily with a cloth because they are made out of satin material.

dog neck tieWhat’s even better is that there are many different styles to choose from! You can select from a large variety of:

  • Black and white stripe
  • Purple, gold, and turquoise stripe
  • Turquoise, navy, and pink striped
  • Red and white striped
  • Black with white polka dots
  • Hot pink and black argyle
  • Black and hot pink plaid
  • Leopard print
  • Leopard print with red
  • Tan plaid (looks like Burberry!)
  • Turquoise navy and pink striped
  • Zebra print
  • Maroon and navy striped
  • Musical notesdog neck ties blue
  • I love NY
  • Navy plaid
  • Purple plaid
  • Red plaid
  • Rainbow striped
  • Red with white polka dots
  • Pink and red hearts
  • Purple and gray plaid
  • Purple, gold and turquoise striped

Want to see images of all of them? Just click here to see all of these neck ties for puppies and dogs.

dog neck ties redWhen to Use Dog Neck Ties

When should you use dog neck ties? We think the question should be when you should NOT use them. They are the cutest dog accessories and can be worn anywhere, anytime, and any place! The following are some ideas of how you can use them:

  • Dress up your pooch for family photos. Wouldn’t your doggie look so cute in a neck tie that matches his owner’s tie?
  • Make him look sharp for a day out on the town. Taking your pooch out for quality time may mean going to the park or a pooch welcomed lunch spot in your area. He will dazzle all around him with his dog tie.
  • Take him to the office. Just because he’s a dog doesn’t mean he can’t follow the dress code. Your right-hand pooch can now wear his dog tie to work.
  • Show him off to friends and family. When you visit friends and family, don’t forget the tie. Everyone will love it.
  • Bring him along on a date. Dog lovers don’t go on dates by themselves – they bring their dogs. When you go on your next double date with yours, make sure he’s dressed to impress.
  • Have fun around the house. You don’t need to go anywhere when you dress him up in a dog tie. Admiring his cuteness can be done by you in the comfort of your own home.

Besides using the neck ties for your dogs, you can also give them as a gift! With each tie only $1.89, you can purchase an assortment of them for your friends and family. They will love matching them up with different outfits.

Purchase them today!


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Fan Photos for Fantastic Prizes


We love seeing how creative our customers are

We love to see smiles here at Wholesale Girls.

Did your recent purchase from us turn out to be a hit? How cute is your baby in her new headband or dress or anything else you’ve received from us?  We’re willing to bet she is adorable. We want to see too though!

Bet you can’t look at her for 10 full seconds and not smile!




wholesale-pastel-princess-tutu-over-the-top-headbandA customer recently sent us a picture of her baby wearing:
Princess Pastel Over the Top Headband,
Infant Tutu Pastel Rainbow,
and the popular Light Blue 5.5 Inch Crochet Tube Top.

This little girl is darling!

How would you like to win a free hair bow, headband or flower hair clip with their next order?

How to win: Send in your cute fan photo to THEN during your checkout, leave a note that tells us which item you would like to get completely for FREE!

[vc_testimonial author=”Jody” company=””] I was and still am so pleased with the items I purchased from you! She won 2nd in the baby show [/vc_testimonial]


Show us your birthday photos or pet photos … or a pet’s birthday photos!

Showcase your inner fashion designer and creative skills to your friends and family by having your little lady featured on the Wholesale Girl’s website!

By telling us what you think about our products and which is your favorite product we will award you with your choice of a free hair bow, headband or flower clip with your next order. See the links below to start thinking about which free item you will pick!

Little Girl Wholesale Hair Bows

Little Girl Wholesale Headbands

Little Girl Wholesale Flower Hair Clips


“We will be using the information you submit to write your fan review and publish your photo online.  Please keep in mind that we reserve the right to edit your comments for length, clarity or for any other reason either before or after it is published. Your review content and photo will become property of Kay Boutique LLC.  You agree that images submitted can be used in advertisements, marketing and website publications.”

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