Introducing PAWS Fan Photos…!

We are paws-itively happy our customers send us their Fan Photos!!! The PAWS, Little Boy Mart, Wholesale Girls and Little Girl Mart stores now provide direct access to the most recent Blogs, DIY Videos and Customer Appreciation Photos! If you’re interested in becoming a featured fan, please email photos to customer service And of course, don’t forget to “like” us on […]

Cool Dogs Wear Bandanas

Your pet will look great in a Pet Bandana from PAWS. Find the exact color or pattern to highlight their personality!! Quick Tip: Roll-up these Bandanas to create a collar-like effect for your dog.    Quick Tip: Position Bandanas with triangle on dog’s back or chest.

Capture Pal Photos

Is there anything more adorable than a little boy with a puppy dog?  Pick up some bow ties and snap a few photos of your little boy and his pal in matching animal print accessories.  Having a pet in a photo shoot will help bring out his personality!! For VALENTINE’S DAY have your boy give his four legged friend a […]

New Display Items for Your Boutique!

  Here’s a little #midweekmotivator for all of you small business owners! We have new display items online now at Wholesale Girls! These items are high quality, high function, and high attitude! Adding these display racks and cards to your boutique, craft table, or online store will surely help you to promote your products and […]