Dog Neck Ties: Our Latest Addition to Our Dog Accessories Line

purple neck tie for dogsWe love our pooches! There’s nothing cuter than dressing them up. Since many of our pet owners have male doggies who aren’t thrilled to have dog bows in their hair (even though some of them do love blue dog bows), we decided to introduce something new – dog neck ties!

Yes, these dog neck ties are perfect for your male (or even female) fur baby. These accessories for dogs come with many features:

  • They come with an adjustable strap to 16 inches.
  • They are easily put on and taken off.
  • You can clean them easily with a cloth because they are made out of satin material.

dog neck tieWhat’s even better is that there are many different styles to choose from! You can select from a large variety of:

  • Black and white stripe
  • Purple, gold, and turquoise stripe
  • Turquoise, navy, and pink striped
  • Red and white striped
  • Black with white polka dots
  • Hot pink and black argyle
  • Black and hot pink plaid
  • Leopard print
  • Leopard print with red
  • Tan plaid (looks like Burberry!)
  • Turquoise navy and pink striped
  • Zebra print
  • Maroon and navy striped
  • Musical notesdog neck ties blue
  • I love NY
  • Navy plaid
  • Purple plaid
  • Red plaid
  • Rainbow striped
  • Red with white polka dots
  • Pink and red hearts
  • Purple and gray plaid
  • Purple, gold and turquoise striped

Want to see images of all of them? Just click here to see all of these neck ties for puppies and dogs.

dog neck ties redWhen to Use Dog Neck Ties

When should you use dog neck ties? We think the question should be when you should NOT use them. They are the cutest dog accessories and can be worn anywhere, anytime, and any place! The following are some ideas of how you can use them:

  • Dress up your pooch for family photos. Wouldn’t your doggie look so cute in a neck tie that matches his owner’s tie?
  • Make him look sharp for a day out on the town. Taking your pooch out for quality time may mean going to the park or a pooch welcomed lunch spot in your area. He will dazzle all around him with his dog tie.
  • Take him to the office. Just because he’s a dog doesn’t mean he can’t follow the dress code. Your right-hand pooch can now wear his dog tie to work.
  • Show him off to friends and family. When you visit friends and family, don’t forget the tie. Everyone will love it.
  • Bring him along on a date. Dog lovers don’t go on dates by themselves – they bring their dogs. When you go on your next double date with yours, make sure he’s dressed to impress.
  • Have fun around the house. You don’t need to go anywhere when you dress him up in a dog tie. Admiring his cuteness can be done by you in the comfort of your own home.

Besides using the neck ties for your dogs, you can also give them as a gift! With each tie only $1.89, you can purchase an assortment of them for your friends and family. They will love matching them up with different outfits.

Purchase them today!


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