Top 10 Reasons You Should Dress Up Your Pet

PAWS - Adjustable Neck TiesPeople have many reasons to dress up their pet. The following 10 will help you justify your love of making your dog look as good as you. Just share it with your friends and family, and they will see it’s actually a good thing that you do.

#1: Show People the Real Deal

Your pet has a personality. Why not show the world who he or she is? Go ahead and dress her like a princess or a big bad biker one day. Everyone who sees your pet will know what to expect.

#2: Pets Deserve Clothes

How would you feel walking outside naked? Probably not very comfortable. Well, dogs are the same way. While they may not tell you that they are uncomfortable, it just makes sense to them that you are putting clothes on them just like you do to yourself.

PAWS-Bandanas#3: It’s Cold Outside

It’s winter, and it’s cold outside. Your pet isn’t immune to the cold. Dressing your pet up means you are providing warmth. Wouldn’t you appreciate it?

#4: Pets Want to Be Glam Too

You may not know this, but pets want to be the center of attention too. When you dress up your pet, he or she will get tons of looks and “aaawws,” which will be well received.

#5: It Provides a Bit of Variety in Life

Your pet wants to have fun, and getting dressed up does that. Throwing on some clothes or accessories on your pet will give him or her the spice needed to love life a little more.

#6: There’s Always Something to Play With

As most of us know, clothing can turn into chew toys quickly. A cute hat or necklace can be cute for a minute, but after that it becomes more of a toy. That’s okay! As long as your pet is happy, that’s all that matters.

#7: Celebrate the Holidays Together

Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and many other holidays can be great times to dress up your pet. You don’t have to be the only one to celebrate the day with what you wear – your pet can express his or her holiday spirit too.

PAWS-DOG-Bows#8: Share in the Team Spirt

Holidays aren’t the only times to show off some spirit – supporting sport games is another reason to dress up your pet. You can boost your pride when you have your best bud wearing your team colors or jersey.

#9: It’s Fun to Wear Matching Outfits

Matching outfits are fun, and people love seeing it. As you walk down the stress, people will be so enthralled with how cute you both look. You will be picture perfect together.

#10: Great Selfies

Speaking of picture perfect, dressing your pet means you’ll be able to take cute selfies. You can also just take photos of him or her to post on social media.

Don’t neglect your pet. Dress him or her up every day. You can find many accessories such as ties, bows, bandanas and more on PAWS to help you do that. Have fun with it. If you purchase more than $50 worth of products, we will pay for domestic shipping.

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