Turn Your Pup into a True Princess

You know your puppy is a princess, but now you can show her awesomeness off with our princess clips!

We love these clips because they are so unique and fun. All you have to do is put your puppy’s hair up with an elastic and then clip our tiara on it.

Right on the top of her head, she will have a crown. The crown props up on some tulle that make it look even more lavish.

About Our Dog Clips

You cannot find these dog clips in local stores. Dog clips are limited these days, which is why we decided to carry them on PAWS. We believe our dogs should be dressed up just as well as our children. These bows do that in style.

Our clips are made of high-quality material. We never believe we should skimp on quality because they are made for dogs. Actually, we need to make sure they are at the top of quality because they will be on our little puppies heads, which we know move around a lot throughout the day. These clips need to stay right where they are meant to be, on the top adorning their head.

Just because our products are high quality – it doesn’t mean they are overpriced. We also believe you shouldn’t have to pay more than our products are worth. When you shop with Little Pet Mart, you will always get the best price possible. You only pay $4.99 for our Jeweled Princess Tiara here or $5.99 for our Jeweled Princess Tiara on Pearl here.

Pink-Tiara- CrownHot-Pink-Crown-PearlHot-Pink-Crown

Looking for more?

We pay shipping when you spend over $50, so you may want to browse our page for other dog bows.

We have the largest selection of dog clips online, so you are sure to find exactly what you want on our site to make the free shipping offer. Just browse the pages, and have fun. That’s what we love about our products – it’s fun to dress our pups up and you can do it affordably with us.

How to Wear Them for the Best Look

There’s nothing like using these dog crowns as part of an outfit. You can dress your pooch up in a pink frilly dress and then use the crown on her head. It’s so cute. Try it!

Of course, when you do use the clips, you’ll want to take a ton of pictures. We would love to see them. Just send them to our email address here.

Go ahead – head over to the hair clips selection page to find the crowns and others that you can buy your pooch. You’ll love how good they look, how long they will last, and the prices.

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